Cooking in the Salnes is the union of two forces that have been created to offer a new type/style of gastronomic Tourism.

Quinta de San Amaro is a small boutique hotel and restaurant in Meaño, in the heart of the Salnes Valley. For the last eight years, it has been working daily to offer service and quality to clients who want to stay and enjoy a pleasant lunch or dinner in the midst of Albariño grapevines.


Quinta de San Amaro – Hotel and restaurante … in the Rías Baixas, in the heart of the Salnés.
C/ San Amaro, 6 (exit number 14 of the Salnés motorway, towards Meaño)
36968 Meaño – Pontevedra
Email: [email protected]
Telephone : +34 630 877 590
Fax: +34 986 747 894


Rocío Garrido is the popular blogger that offers mainly traditional cooking ideas but is also a loyal follower of new and signature cuisine. She is friendly and accessible and knows how to communicate her knowledge and excitement for cooking and the product.



Email: [email protected]
Telephone : +34 686 978 607

We have a beautiful kitchen where you can discover the best kept culinary secrets in the Rias Baixas.
Would you like to learn about our cookery workshops?

Cookery Workshops

A gastronomical experience awaits you. This service is intended for both guests at our hotel and those not staying there.
There is a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 10. Get to know and taste our local cuisine and share an exceptional experience with your family and friends.
You can choose a 3-hour Galician cookery workshop, an XL workshop (the extended version),
the Art of Cooking Seafood, and a theme workshop, designed exclusively for you……. Which will you prefer?

Any questions? Visit our frequently asked questions section.

Cocinando en el Salnés
#GALICIANCOOKERYWORKSHOP … the essence of Galicia.

The Galician cookery workshop is a three- hour course where you and the cook/professor will be able to savour the dishes prepared. Enjoy a unique experience with your group of friends! We can also arrange cookery workshops for a closed group (minimum of 4, maximum of10 people) for lunch and dinner. Also theme food or tendencies. We offer workshops with fixed monthly dates where you can enrol individually as well.

Price per person…. 65 Euros


We also offer workshops for ¨cocido¨ and seafood like langoustine, lobster or spider crab. Prices vary according to the market price of seafood….. Doesn´t that sound tempting?

Cocinando en el Salnés
#XLCOOKERYWORKSHOP … enjoy it from the very beginning.

XL Cookery Workshop is an extended version of the previous workshop. We begin at 9:30 in the morning as we visit the marketplace (price includes transportation) and buy the products we will be using in the dish preparation. Once back in the Quinta de San Amaro, we will taste local wines and cheeses (appetizer), and then the professor and the pupils begin the cooking activities aimed to savour the freshly cooked product. The workshop is finalized with a Galician ¨queimada.¨


Price per person….100 euros


This workshop can only be organized for a closed group and for a minimum of 4 people. The marketplace visit can be exchanged for a boat ride in the Ria. This way we can learn about shellfish extraction and the cultivation of the “jewels” of the Ria. We will discover a corner of the Comarca of O Salnes.


Important: This workshop cannot be given on Sunday, Monday and Festive since the market is closed.

Descubre el arte de cocinar el mar
THE #ARTOFCOOKINGSEAFOOD … something unique!

Quinta de San Amaro Hotel & Restaurant and Amare Nautical Tourism have organized a day of art fusion, the art of fishing and cooking….#ArtofCookingSeafood


The event consists of enjoying a Route of the Art of Fishing the Ria de Arosa which lasts two hours on the boat Amare Un belonging to Amare Nautical Tourism. Here, we will see first hand the daily work put in by fishermen in their different occupations, the process of mussel cultivation on a mussel platform and how razor clams, clams and squid are caught on the littoral of the great natural paradise, A Illa de Arousa.


Price per person. …110 euros


This is a three-hour workshop in which Rocio reveals the secrets to Galician cuisine and we learn how to prepare those products that we have seen on our excursion: clams, razor clams, mussels….

Taller temático
#THEMEWORKSHOP …meets your needs!

Would you like to learn about a certain type of cuisine?

In our theme workshop we adapt to your tastes and your favourite gastronomic themes:

Mexican cuisine workshop
Sushi workshop
Peruvian cuisine workshop.
Moroccan cuisine workshop.
Pastry workshop.
Vegan and Vegetarian cuisine workshop.
Cupped dessert workshop.


Price per person….65 euros

(except in the case where the workshop is very specific in which case the price will depend on the ingredients)

… tell us what workshop you are looking for and we will give you a quote.

Gift Packages

Gift packages that include a voucher where you can choose from a workshop and number of people.
You can pick it up at Quinta de San Amaro or we can send it by email or by post to any address. Destinations in Spain have a delivery fee of 6€. Extend your gift package to include “ a bottle of Paco y Lola.” .
The packages expire in one year and can be enjoyed at any time during that year.
We can add a one or more night stay in our hotel to any of the vouchers. Please check our rates.
To request this service, please contact us by email or telephone.
If you are going to come and pick it up, it is important to order it by email or telephone in advance so it will be ready.
This is a magnificent gift to share given that the price is the same whether it is for 2, 3, or 4 people. Live an unforgettable experience with family and/or friends and enjoy the art of cooking the sea!

    He leído y acepto laPolítica de Privacidad

    100% Rias Baixas Products

    Come with us and discover the best kept secrets of Galician and international food….Are you in?
    Queen Scallop

    From a gastronomic point of view queen scallops are an exquisite shellfish, its flavour is full and its texture is of great quality.

    Velvet Crabs

    Learn how to cook Galician velvet crabs…all we need is water, salt, bay leaves and a glass of Albariño wine while we wait.


    The grooved carpet shell, the pullet carpet shell and the golden carpet shell are the three most valued native varieties of the Galician bivalve.


    Galician mussels or mussels of the estuary are one of the best in the world. Have you tried them steamed or with a bit of lemon?…How about in empanada?

    Razor clams

    Grilled clams with a touch of olive oil is one of our star dishes. When you feel the aroma that arises when placing them on the grill and one just can´t wait to taste them. Would you like to try them?

    Queso tetilla

    Tetilla cheese is one of the most representative in Galician gastronomy and has a Protected Designation of Origin…..a particular and distinct taste!

    Pulpo á Feira
    Fair-style octopus

    So much to say about fair-style octopus! By following a few simple steps and with quality raw products, you can prepare one of the most traditional dishes in Galicia. Take our secret home and win over palates!

    Verduras de la huerta
    Garden Vegetables

    The wide variety of vegetables offered by nature are excellent raw material to accompany 100% Galician products. They have a distinct flavour!

    …and many more 100% Galician products!

    What we offer?

    A Gastronomical Experience0%
    Unforgettable Moments0%
    The Art of Cooking0%
    Culinary Secrets ?0%

    Companies & Clients

    A cookery workshop + lunch or dinner. An original way to celebrate your company dinner. Give a gastronomic gift, with your team, in a very special workshop.

    The kitchen is the perfect place to have a relaxed meeting. A cookery workshop can be the an ideal place to spend some quality time with your friends or colleagues. At Cooking in the Salnes we know that not everyone is the same and that´s why we adapt our workshops to your needs. What would you like to cook? A special menu? A specific dish? A workshop designed to suit you? Or do you prefer going shopping at the marketplace to see the wide variety of products available for yourself? Or would you rather take a boatride on the Route of the Art of Fishing in the Ria de Arousa with no more than 13 passengers and discover the riches of the sea that you will later cook and savour in our workshop?

    We will design the workshop or event that best adapts to your needs, whether you are an individual or a professional.

    Tell us which workshop or event you choose and we will take care of everything!/em>

    Contact us

    Cocinando en el Salnés C/ San Amaro, 6 – Meaño

    Telephone: +34 686 978 607

    Business Hours:

    Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 2:00pm and from 4:00pm to 7:00pm

    Redes Sociales:

    How can we help you? Would you like to contact us or book a workshop?

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      If you can´t find an answer to your inquiry, please contact us by phone or if you prefer, you may fill in our form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

      What day can I organise a workshop with my friends?

      You can organise a workshop any day you´d like, just first check our availability. We can also adapt to your timetable, for lunch or for dinner

      What language is spoken during the workshop?

      We speak Spanish and Galician. For groups of foreigners without a translator we can provide someone to help with the language. The cost for this service is 50 Euros.

      How many people can attend the workshop?

      The maximum number of participants is 10 or 12 people, depending on the theme. There is a possibility to find a formula for a bigger group. In this case, we can transform the activity in a tapas workshop, or in cooking show or a live kitchen.


      We work with groups of all nationalities which of whom enjoy learning about Galician cooking very much. We also organise themed workshops for those clients that are looking for something new or surprising in everything that they are going to learn to cook and taste.

      I have a food intolerance. Can I attend?

      Yes, the workshops adapt to different food intolerances and we can prepare dishes that the whole group can taste.

      How long is the workshop?

      It is scheduled for 3 or 4 hours, depending on how long the food tasting lasts. For the XL workshop or the workshops that include boat rides, the duration is 6 or 7 hours.

      Do we taste what we have cooked after the workshop?

      Yes, the workshops include a complete lunch or dinner. Wine is also included.

      How far in advance should I book?

      Closed groups depend on availability in the kitchen. If the same date hasn´t been booked by another group, 3 or 4 days in advance is enough.

      What menu shall we prepare?

      When there is a closed group, the menu adapts to the participants individual tastes and we can offer a themed workshop. For example, if the group is interested in learning about Peruvian cuisine, during the workshop we will cook Peruvian food.

      Do I have to cook?

      Yes, the workshops are hands on. Together we prepare all the dishes.

      Methods of Payment

      Payment may be in cash or by credit card. Payment is usually made at the end of the workshop. Groups are usually asked to make a small deposit. This can be done by credit card or by deposit in a bank account.


      Includes cooking workshop with local product, lunch or dinner complete with drink. (Prices include I.V.A.)

      Descubre el arte de cocinar entre amigos con nuestros Talleres de cocina